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Pad Kaprao Kai Dao

Price from: 120 Baht

Pad Kaprow isn’t merely a favorite; it’s a culinary icon in Thailand! This dynamic stir-fry showcases a harmonious blend of tastes, featuring succulent diced chicken or pork, aromatic holy basil leaves, and a kick of spice from chilies and garlic.


Price from: 220 Baht

A beloved choice for enthusiasts of Western cuisine. Customized to your preferences, with options including beef, pork, or vegetable patties. Additions of cheese and/or bacon are available. Each of our burgers is accompanied by crisp French fries and a fresh garden salad.

Pad See Ew

Price from: 100 Baht

Another Thai classic is Pad Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle delicacy. Traditionally crafted with wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, and either pork or chicken. The dish’s name translates to “fried with soy sauce”.

Phanaeng Curry

Price from: 120 Baht

Panang curry, a red curry originating from Thailand, takes its name from the Malaysian island of Penang. Typically prepared with chicken or beef, it’s enjoyed alongside rice and garnished with chopped lime leaves and Thai basil.

Chicken Cashew Nuts

Price from: 160 Baht

Chicken Cashew Nuts presents an irresistible fusion of spicy and sweet, featuring stir-fried chicken paired with roasted cashew nuts. This renowned Thai delicacy boasts bold flavors from lemongrass, ginger, garlic, red chilies, and onion. Presented atop a bed of rice.


Dutch Snacks

Price from: 90


At Bamboo Garden Resort, we honor our roots with a selection of Dutch Snacks. Crafted using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, we offer bitterballen, kroketten, and fricandellen. Enjoy them alongside a refreshing beverage or as a delightful light meal.