You have the option to book these activities either in advance along with your preferred room through the booking form, or upon arrival at our tour office.


From 1250 Baht per person. Duration: 4 hours.

When you go down the river, you will enjoy a slow and relaxing speed. You will be surrounded by beautiful green plants and impressive mountain views. The rafts are cleverly made by connecting bamboo sticks together. Water can pass through the gaps between the sticks, creating a fun splash and the chance of getting wet.


From 1600 Baht per person. Duration: 4 hours.

Enjoy a thrilling zip line adventure through the magnificent, age-old rainforest nestled between Mae Takhrai National Park and Chae Son National Park. This stunning location can be found in the delightful forest village of Mae Kampong, and reaching there is a breeze with just a pleasant 1-hour drive from the resort in our comfortable, air-conditioned car.


From 1600 Baht per person. Duration: 4 hours.

Come along on an exciting trip to Mae Wang, famous for its many elephant sanctuaries by the river. When you visit, you’ll get a chance to help feed and wash these amazing animals. You can also enjoy a cool swim in the river while having fun playing with the elephants in the water.

Nearby Attractions

In the area surrounding the resort, you’ll find a variety of attractions to explore at your leisure. Whether you choose to pedal on bicycles or use other modes of transportation, there are plenty of options to keep you engaged and entertained.

Ob Khan National Park

Ob Khan National Park showcases breathtaking limestone and rock formations, offering visitors a unique sight to behold. It is the exclusive destination in Thailand where you can witness the enchanting bloom of Dendrobium Wardianum orchids. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the park’s diverse waterfalls, each offering mesmerizing vistas and a tranquil atmosphere.

Grand Canyon Waterpark

The Grand Canyon Water Park is designed to cater to the needs of all individuals, regardless of their age. It promises a day full of excitement and opportunities to try new things for the whole family. What makes it even better is the presence of lifeguards throughout the park, ensuring the safety of your family as you immerse yourselves in the park’s thrilling experiences.

Wat Doi Ku Kham

Wat Doi Ku Kham is a charming local temple that can be easily reached by taking a leisurely walk or bike ride from the resorts. Despite its peaceful atmosphere, this temple holds a few remarkable art pieces. Once you reach the pagoda situated atop the hill, you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the valley, city, and the picturesque surrounding mountains.